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Metropolitan District Netball Association (MDNA) Codes of Behaviour sets out the standards of behaviour expected of all members, coaches, and spectators when they are involved in any MDNA or Cannon Hill Stars Netball (CHS) activity. All members of CHS are expected to treat each other with respect, follow the rules of the game, and act in a sporting manner. Coaches should provide appropriate instruction, demonstrate good sportsmanship, and ensure that all players are treated with respect. Spectators should show respect to players, coaches, and officials, and be supportive of all those involved in bringing netball to the community. Everyone is expected to follow MDNA Codes of Behaviour, and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

​Included in the Codes of Behaviour are the following categories:

  • General 

  • Junior Player

  • Senior Player

  • Parent/Guardian 

  • Spectator

  • Coach

  • Umpire

  • Administrator

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