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Coaching is a fun, rewarding, and sometimes challenging opportunity!  Cannon Hill Stars players from 12yrs of age and adult volunteers are welcome to express an interest to Coach.

The role of the Coach

Coaches play an important role in players exploring and discovering a love of physical activity and sport. Coaches do this by providing lots of fun and enjoyment as players are learning new skills, keep them active and engaged by giving lots of opportunities to practice and touch the ball, and opportunities to play the game.

3 main reasons people play sport: to have fun; to play with friends; to learn new skills



At Stars, we believe there is no such thing as too much education, and therefore we are committed to funding the ongoing education of Coaches by providing a range of resources and education opportunities for both new and experienced Coaches including in house Coach Education sessions, digital video subscriptions, access to Netball Queensland specialist clinics and subsidised Netball Learning Centre courses, and guided pathways to Development Coaching through MDNA representative netball.

Characteristics of a good coach include:

  • An understanding of the basic skills and strategies of netball;

  • An understanding of the rules of the game;

  • Planning training sessions which are fun, encourage learning, provide challenges and incorporate the skills of the game;

  • Flexibility to change when required;

  • Providing positive feedback to players, including what they are doing well and ways they can improve;

  • Developing great relationships with players, parents and carers, and other Coaches.

Expections of a Coach

  • Attend all training and games 

  • Abide by CHS Coaching Policy

  • Follow MDNA Code of Behaviours

  • Engage in ongoing education

Stars Coaches are provided with:

  • A Club polo shirt

  • A wheeled Coaches bag with training and game equipment

  • An online subscription to The Netball Coach

  • Subsidised online and in-person education

  • Complete adoration from children and parents

The Knee Program - Junior Manual

PDF download (13MB)

INF Foundation Coaching Manual

PDF download (1.5MB)


Player Stats and Record Sheets

PDF download (2.1MB)

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