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Both Twilight & Tropical Competitions are hosted by MDNA and played at MDNA courts in Wembley Park, Coorparoo.   This is an opportunity for players to extend the netball season.


Commencing in October, the competions run for 8 weeks and is open to any player of appropriate age - players do not have to have played previously for Stars. 


Twilight Monday competition is for players turning 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the current year.

Tropical Tuesday competition is for players turning 7, 12 and Inters (13 & 14).

Teams are not required to train and only need a managing adult to hand out bibs and tick score cards.  No finals are played - this is purely a fun extension of the season.

All players are required to wear Club uniform.



MDNA provides a link to all Clubs for distribution to each team's Manager so the team name can be registered. 

Once MDNA  has a full quota of teams, they will then provide Clubs with the link for distribution to individual players.  It is then up to each team to ensure their players have registered. 

Only registered players may take court.


Teams aged 7, 8 and 9 are to have a coaching umpire, similar to the MDNA NetSetGo competition rules.

All teams aged 10 years and above are to provide a suitably qualified umpire. The cost of the umpire is built into the individual player fee.  No further payment is required. 


To engage an Umpire, the Team Manager is to email the Club marked Attention: Umpire Coordinator and include the following:

  • Name of competion

  • Team number (CHS**) 

  • Age Group

  • Division within MDNA Saturday competition

Please note, a team MUST have an Umpire engaged to participate in competition.

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