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PRESENTATION DAY 2022: 11 years to Opens

2022 Season Celebrations and Acknowledgements

Thank you to our sponsors:

Di Farmer

Grill'd Cannon Hill

Hungry Jacks Cannon Hill

Spread Pizza Camp Hill

Game Time Physiotherapy

Laundry Boy

Special thanks to:

Perfect Petals

The Kind Hearts Gift Co.

Woolworths Cannon Hill

Our 2022 Coaches:

Holly Tullet

Lucy Groves

Jen Anderson

Claire Hansen

Emma Anderson

Nathan Watt

Taylah Green

Patsy Ryan

Candice Kessel

Natalie Small

Mathew Nilon

Kate Bevan

Gareth Osmond

Julie Marriott

Angela Wilke

Our 2022 Managers:

Hayley Kudra

Sarina Laurence

Naomi Astill

Tania Clough

Dee Crofts

Chris Netto

Mat Holmes

Karen Shiels

Kirsty Gordon

Sussan Osmond

Gerry Picerno

Susan Harrison

2022 Di Farmer 'Spirit of the Stars' award:

Jen Anderson

Alana McAnulty

Clare Phillips

Millie Davidson

Scarlett Pesch

Charlie Harrison

Tahlia Nilon

Millie Stonard

Lara Andrews

Taylor Culley

Elizabeth Millars

Chloe Price

Francis Schmidt

2022 Players Player award:

Claire Hansen

Jorja Osmond

Matilda Picerno

Grace Summerbell

Ellie Harris

Saorise Duncliffe

Adelaide Hundley

Natalia Tovar-Bustamante

Ave Brewster

Lydia Delaney

Paige Francis

Jette Oxenham

Savannah Rix

2022 Coaches award:

Imogen Langford

Maddison James

Grace Summerbell

Keely Poole

Chloe Holmes

Charlotte Pook

Kyrah Bowden

Indiana Astill

Lani Sanders

Frankie Crofts

Audrey Stewart

Vienna Stone

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