Umpiring at the STARS

Umpiring can be a rewarding, fun and a challenging opportunity! Cannon Hill Stars players are welcome to express an interest to umpire from 12yrs of age, however due to numbers will not begin Saturday competition until 13yrs of age.


Umpiring Support Structure 
Murray Bell is the umpiring mentor whilst Samara Phillips is acting as the umpiring convener.


Murray, who has undertaken his National certification, will oversight mentoring and development advice which will be regularly communicated with you. He works collaboratively with other Club mentors, and at times, you may receive mentoring advice and feedback from them. All mentor advice and feedback should be welcomed, as it is preparing you to umpire more challenging games and attain the MDNA Silver and Gold awards. If advice sounds contradictory or confusing, please clarify with Murray or Samara as soon as you can. The newer umpires will nearly always have a mentor present, sometimes this may be in the form of the Club’s senior umpires.


Samara will undertake all rostering, communication, MDNA liaison and administration duties. She will collaborate with other Club convenors to ensure an appropriate roster is scheduled. A prompt reply to her requests for roster availability is appreciated. An attempt will be made to circulate the proposed roster for the forthcoming Saturday by Thursday morning. This will give you an opportunity to review the roster and make adjustments no later than Thursday night at training! In order to have the roster ready for Thursday morning, Saturday availability will be required no later than Tuesday 7pm. If there has been no communication from you regarding availability prior to Tuesday 7pm, it will be assumed you are unavailable that weekend and therefore won’t be rostered to umpire.


Umpire Expectations 
Umpiring requires a certain level of maturity and responsibility; and for many of you, this is your first job. As this is a job, you will get paid whilst you represent the Club. Like all jobs, certain expectations exist: 

  • Your conduct and appearance needs to be in line with Club and Umpiring expectations.

  • If you can’t do a rostered game, you must communicate this as soon as you learn you are no longer available. Not the day before, or the day of your scheduled roster.

  • You are expected to attend Umpire training sessions, workshops and courses that are offered to you.

I want to umpire, what now?


1. Study the rulebook

This can be found online at:
A Rules of Netball app is also available. You are encouraged to download it onto your phone. 

2. Theory Exam

The theory exam is open book with a pass mark of 70%. Umpires are required to pass this exam prior to joining the Umpire squad. The exam is available via MyNetball:, follow the menu option for Learning, Online Learning, Browse Available Courses, Search “NU1”. Forward the attained certificate to which will then be forwarded to the umpire convener. 

3. Registration

If you are not a registered player this year, you still need to be a member of Netball Queensland via the club . The non-playing membership is $40. This membership is not required if playing in a Netball Queensland competition. If a registered player, please register as an umpire via the netball connect app. 

4. Training

Murray will commence umpire education once teams are determined. Times will be communicated, once finalised. 

5. Communication

Samara will require your Theory of Netball Exam certificate, as well as contact details. If you know you are unlikely to- or forget to- read your emails and texts, please provide an additional contact. Regular communication will occur via email and sometimes text. If you are not happy for me to share your contact details to your fellow umpires, please alert me to this. Once you are ready to umpire fixture games, please provide your bank details to the umpire convener.

Click here to download the Junior Umpire guidelines.